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  Welcome to Egis Facility Management Service Private Limited

"Egis Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd " is a leading, highly qualified, experienced team of Engineers and Facility Management Professionals in different field, who looks after our customers towards following assignments

Egis Facility Management Service Private Limited is the Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance Services, Facilities Management Services and IT Services. With a renowned experience and with a team of Engineers, Supervisors & Technicians we have reached heights. We are a trusted and well known name in the industry. We are providing our customers with best quality of all our products.

Our forte, as 24 hrs service providers lies in offering facility services. We are a highly qualified professionals in different field, taking care of customers' requirements of facility services such as Elecro-Mech. Engg. Preventive Maintenance, Air Conditioning (HVAC) Management,House keeping, Security service, Moves & Rearrangements and IT Services and many more allied services.

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