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  Electro-Mech. Enginnering Services

We offer Electro-Mech. Enginnering Services which are highly demanded and appreciated by our vast range of reputed clients. These services can be listed as below:

Electrical & Mechanical AMC Services 

We takes  Annual Oparations & Maintenance services Contract for all electrical/ mecchanical and  Computer installations like power Genrator / Air Conditioning/ Fire Fighting system, UPS Invertors, Water systems and Pumps,Motors Boilers, Chillers, ETP Plant, Water softening plants, Lifts, Plumbing and Sanitery insttalations etc. We will perform the recommended AMC Service, A Complete Tune-Up is performed and your instrument is calibrated. In addition, an Electrical, Mechanical and Integral Inspection is performed to identify any parts that have degraded or repairs needed. Sufficient tests are run to ensure operation according to manufacturer’s specifications.

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