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  Facility Management Services

Our Housekeeping Services division is responsible for the upkeep of offices, hospitals, pubs, hotels, complexes, IT Parks, Airports, Libraries, and industrial units. The services offered by us under this category comprises daily cleaning, vacuuming, trash removal, floor care, restroom cleaning, and interior glass cleaning of premises.

Moves & Rearrangements 

One of the significant services we offer is Moves & Rearrangements services. With this service we take the entire responsibility of moving and rearranging the office or residence. We just need a little briefing and the rest is accomplished by us to the clients total satisfaction. Once the moving and arrangement is over , the client walks in to the premises to an entirely operating or livable space. Rearranging and positioning the furnitures, fitting curtains and blinds, laying out the carpets and fixing the air conditioner is done with personal interest.

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