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  Technical Training
Computer Training

Computer training teaches the effective use of the computer and its software applications,and often must address the basic fear of technology that most employees face and identify and minimize any resistance to change that might emerge. Furthermore, computer training must anticipate and overcome the long and steep learning curves that many employees will experience. To do so, such training is usually offered in longer, uninterrupted modules to allow for greater concentration, and structured training is supplemented by hands-

on practice. This area of training is commonly cited as vital to the fortunes of most companies, large and small, operating in today's technologically advanced economy.
Communaication Training

Communications training concentrates on the improvement of interpersonal communication skills, including writing, oral presentation, listening, and reading. In order to be successful, any form of communications training should be focused on the basic improvement of skills and not just on stylistic considerations. Furthermore, the training should serve to build on present skills rather than rebuilding from the ground up. Communications training can be taught separately or can be effectively integrated into other types of training, since it is fundamentally related to other disciplines.

Electrical Training

The Electrical Skills Training Series is a world-class course curriculum for electrical maintenance staff. The highly interactive e-learning courseware offers a progressive training experience that supports training and cross-training programs at multiple levels and skills sets.A well-trained, electrical maintenance staff, coupled with the performance of regular industrial electrical maintenance tests, is critical to ensuring safe, reliable operation. The Electrical Skills Courses include real-world video, animated graphics,

pop-up descriptions, demonstrations and simulations, designed to put the student "on location" in real situational examples and to:
  • Increase safety
  • Increase baseline knowledge
  • keep pace with electrical technological change
  • Move from a repair/replace focus to predictive preventative maintenance
  • Evolve to multi-craft performance and efficiency
Electro Mechanical Training

The Electromechanical/Mechatronics Technology program includes an innovative blended learning curriculum with theory-based instruction, practical hands-on training on state-of-the art industrial equipment and software, multi-media integration and e-Learning components. Students acquire skills encompassing electrical systems, electronics, mechanics and computer controlled equipment used in today’s manufacturing environment. The program is designed to prepare students for a career in the industrial

maintenance / electromechanical field as an electrical/electronic technician, mechanical technician, laboratory engineering technician or process control technician.
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